Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friends Visit

This morning, we woke up to another beautiful day. Clear skies and temperatures in the low 70’s were predicted. We spent the morning doing more light housework, arranging the furniture to accommodate our guests and putting out the extra entry step and welcome mat.

Lynn’s friends arrived about 11:00AM and drove right by our location. A very short time later, they were back and we got them parked. There was lots of hugging and kissing as we greeted each other and much ooh’ing and aah’ing about how beautiful they thought our coach was and they took a few pictures of the exterior. Then we went inside to visit.


(L to R) Bertie, Joan, Juliet, Ana and Lynn

Lynn and I worked in the back office of the Broadway Stores during the 70’s, 80’s and half way through the 90’s when they went out of business. These friends all worked there too so while they were real tight with Lynn, I knew them also. There were six of them that got together to celebrate birthdays, etc. I used to arrange a reunion once a year of all the Broadway folks. We had anywhere from about 50 to over 120 folks show up each year. It was shortly after our 10th reunion when Lynn and I sold our home; bought the motor home and moved away from California to begin our gypsy lifestyle. Since then, we haven’t seen each other very often.

The ladies got a tour of our home and we had a nice long visit. Lynn fixed a chicken and pasta salad for lunch and we drank coffee and tea and had a great time.


Here, I am added to the picture.


Barbara & Tom said...

Very nice blog. Finally found you! Keep up the good work. We'll be looking in every day.

Carlos Sales said...

Now, that's the way to travel Dave... surrounded with women! This is a cool blog. Mine has the same look/colors as your...

I use to work at CHH in the database group with Arnold Hook, then I went to End-User Computing with Jeff Collie. Worked there for about 8-years in the 80's.

Safe Travels Dave! God speed, Carlos Sales

Anonymous said...

May 1st 2010 - Lunch with friends from CHH. Hopefully I can join everyone the next time your are in So Cal. I think this is the visit when Lynn called me, but I had other plans. Every one looks great!! Jackie (Blinderman) Oates

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