Friday, June 18, 2010

Return to Washington D.C.

With our Tracks to Adventure "Old South" trip over, we said goodby to our wagonmasters, Ken and Wanda Harris this morning and drove the 86 miles from Gettysburg, PA back to Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD where we will spend the next 10 nights. There is so much to see in our nations capital that we decided to come back and try to at least hit the highlights. We did laundry this afternoon and then went to Costco for some shopping and gas, followed by dinner at a Korean place. It was expensive and we did not enjoy the food at all. Bad choice. When we returned to the park, we watched a movie they were showing on the outside screen and then turned in for the night. It has been very hot and humid so we are sleeping with the air conditioning running. We much prefer having the windows open at night, but with lows about 75 degrees and humid, it is just to hot.
More tomorrow.


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