Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Excitement, Followed By Confusion

This morning, Lynn suggested we go out for breakfast. We are in Palm Desert and there is a Jewish Deli called Sherman's just down the road. I love good rye bread and thought we might be able to pick up a couple of loaves there so I said "Sure". The food was very good but the rye bread didn't look so good so we passed.

Tomorrow, we will be moving about 3 miles from Thousand Trails Palm Springs to Emerald Desert RV Resort where Tracks To Adventure is having a re-union. Tracks hold re-unions twice a year, western US in the spring and eastern US in the fall. They are marketing events but are a lot of fun. We have been on 10 tracks trips so far and have met a lot of wonderful people and it is always great to attend these re-unions to see familiar faces and catch up on the latest. On the way back from breakfast, we decided to stop in and see who had come early and scope out the facilities. We saw a half a dozen folks already there and talked a bit before returning to TT.

When we got back to the RV park, we took a walk and then started to put some stuff away in preparation for tomorrows move. It was a beautiful spring day with very little wind, clear skies and tempratures rising through the day to about 90 degrees and then cooling off again to where it is about 84 degrees right now.

This afternoon I decidsed to work some more on this blog. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am starting this blog in April of 2010 but am trying to make it look like I started it back in 2007. I am trying to blog every day now and going back through my old notes and emails and trip planning stuff to document our adventures from the beginning. Anyway, I am a real dunce when it comes to software I am not familiar with and I am brand new to Blogger. While it is very easy to use, I seem to always find a way to succeed in making it difficult. I was trying to insert some pictures into my first days post and was having a real tough time. The pictures went in just like I wanted them to and looked real good, but when I exited everything and then went back in, the pictures were gone. I will need to figure out what I am doing wrong some other day. I don't think the next few days will leave much time to play around.

This afternoon, I had the RV all closed up and the front air on. About 3:30PM, all of a sudden this shrill beeping started right over my head. Lynn was in the bedroom with the door closed and was visiting on the phone with a friend. I jumped up and found the Carbon Monoxide sensor in the dining area had gone off. There is a sensor in the bedroom too but it didn't go off. The dining area sensor was reading over 800 which is just a bit more than the zero that it is supposed to read. I immediately opened all the windows, turned off the air, started the Fantastic roof fans and asked Lynn to go outside. I checked all possible sources of ignition thinking that the only way to get carbon monoxide was to be burning something. We have an Aqua-Hot unit but it was off. The stove was off too. I wasn't running the engine in the car or the coach or the genset. Those are the only 5 sources of possible Carbon Monoxide I could think of in our coach. Next I went outside and checked all the neighboring units. No one had a car or truck idleing and there just wasn't any potential source that I could find. When I went back in, the sensor was reading 42 and dropping. It went back to zero a few seconds later. I still don't know what caused the problem but it has not re-occured. Anyway, my heart rate is back to normal and it is about time to go to bed.


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