Monday, April 26, 2010

Track's Re-Union Begins

This morning we travelled about 3 miles from TT Palm Springs to Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, just across the freeway. It is a very nice resort and we were welcomed by management here.

There are 35 rigs attending the re-union including 6 wagon master rigs. It is a great group of people and we know 12 of the couples personally from previous tours. We had a social from 2:00PM to 4:00PM today. There was a welcoming speech by Larry Olson, the owner of Tracks and lots of finger foods and drinks to keep us busy while a guitarist played in the background. Then everyone adjourned to get ready for the evening.

Lynn and I found out it was Ray and Carol Garges’ anniversary so we invited them out to dinner. We went to Mimi’s and enjoyed dinner very much and the conversation even more, but after the social, we were all stuffed. We returned to the RV park just in time for the evening entertainment which began at 7:00PM.

The entertainment started with a duet. A violinist and a bassist played for 45 minutes. Then Larry came out on stage dressed in a tux with a top hat and did some soft shoe routines. He was very good and we all enjoyed his show. Then it was back to the duet for the rest of the evening. We did a lot of visiting, catching up with past activities and finding out what others plans were for the rest of the year.

Lynn and I are scheduled to take a couple of Track’s tours this year and found out several of our friends are also signed up for the same tours. While we really enjoy making new friends on these tours, we also enjoy renewing old friendships.

Today, the weather was a lot warmer than yesterday and it seemed a lot more humid also. It is still 88 degrees out right now, about 10:18PM. It is starting to get windy too. There are wind warnings for tomorrow afternoon and evening. We will see, but I think I better take down the flag tomorrow afternoon. I have already had one flag pole snap in 65 MPG gusting winds earlier this year.

Breakfast is from 7:30AM to 9:00 AM tomorrow. We are looking forward to another good time tomorrow. Today was great.


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